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Cypress Creek National Wildlife Refuge Celebrates Wild Weekend
Midwest Region, October 13, 2012
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Paddlers Pause for a Group Photo with Refuge Manager Mike Brown During the Wild Weekend Canoe Tour
Paddlers Pause for a Group Photo with Refuge Manager Mike Brown During the Wild Weekend Canoe Tour - Photo Credit: USFWS

How did you celebrate National Wildlife Refuge Wild Weekend this year? Wild Weekend is an annual celebration that spotlights a network of 555 federally managed lands dedicated to the protection of wildlife habitat and species. Last year, some 45 million Americans visited a national wildlife refuge, which are located in every state and within an hour's drive of most major cities.

 On Saturday Oct. 13, Cypress Creek National Wildlife Refuge offered free canoe tours of the Old Cache Channel to learn about and enjoy the refuge and celebrate Wild Weekend. The Old Cache Channel, an abandoned six-mile section of the Cache River, is located at the southwestern tip of the refuge. When the Cache was diverted into the Mississippi river in the 1950s this section of the river was cut off from the main channel and is now maintained by the Ohio River flood gates. This area provides many opportunities to fish, hunt, canoe and watch wildlife.

More than 60 visitors paddled the Cache with staff and enjoyed a warm sunny day and the fall colors. Participants had the opportunity to view or hear woods ducks, belted kingfishers, bald cypress trees, red shouldered hawks, and pileated woodpeckers. Refuge staff also provided oral history of the area including stories of past visitors to the Cache River from pirates, Lewis & Clark and John Audubon.

If you are interested in attending next years Wild Weekend celebration or any other public event please call Cypress Creek National Wildlife Refuge at 618-634-2231 to put your name on our mailing list of upcoming events.

Also, check us out online: http://www.fws.gov/refuge/cypress_creek/

Contact Info: Elizabeth Jones, 618-634-2231, Liz_Jones@fws.gov
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