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Sandhill Cranes nesting at Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge
Midwest Region, June 29, 2012
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The first documented successful Sandhill Crane (Grus canadensis) nest on Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge and the only second successful nest for the state of Missouri was found on June 29. Althouth the actual nest was not located, the parents and single offspring were observed in Cattail Pool in the northeastern protion of the refuge. The single colt was inspected and found to be in good health.


There has been only one other reorded successful nest for the state. A nest that produced two colts was found at Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area in Boone County, Mo. in May 2011. There have been three other attempts by Sandhill Cranes to nest at Squaw Creek. Between May and June 2000, a pair were found nesting in one of the refuge moist soil units. However, it was later abandoned. In May 2006, a pair laid 2 eggs in a nest in the Davis Creek moist soil unit but it appeared that the nest was depredated. This year, there were two additional nesting attempts besides the successful one. One nest was found on April 2 in Teal Pool and the second one on April 6 in South Mallard Marsh. However, both nests were likely depredated.

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