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Alaska Peninsula/Becharof NWR Awards Volunteer Paula Burt
Alaska Region, July 30, 2012
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Paula Burt teaching Bristol Bay School students about insects.
Paula Burt teaching Bristol Bay School students about insects. - Photo Credit: Julia Pinnix, USFWS

Paula Burt was given a monetary award from supporting organization Alaska Geographic for her outstanding service to Alaska Peninsula and Becharof National Wildlife Refuges. Paula arrived in King Salmon from New Jersey April 23 to take on the position of Visitor Services Assistant. Within a week, she developed and gave a program on insects at Bristol Bay School, the first of many projects she tackled.


Paula travelled to two villages to deliver educational programs; and when the school year ended, continued providing similar programs for summer school groups. She staffed the King Salmon Visitor Center and helped train incoming staff during the spring. She represented the refuges at special events, worked on a variety of projects, and was part of the crew setting up a field camp in Alaska Peninsula NWR.

Most notably, she worked hard to revise and update the websites for both Alaska Peninsula and Becharof refuges. Coordinating with Regional Office staff, she used the new format as a model for the content she researched, wrote, and revised; and she selected photos for use on the site. The revised websites are scheduled to appear later this year.

Paula’s work was excellent; but her attitude was exceptional. She accomplished all her tasks with energy and enthusiasm, sought and applied feedback, and was pleasant to everyone she met. At special events, in the visitor center, in the office, and in the field, she was willing to help, friendly, and approachable. She kept notes on what worked and what did not, and learned from her experiences. She will be very much missed in King Salmon when she returns home August 2.

Contact Info: Julia Pinnix, 907-246-1211, Julia_Pinnix@fws.gov
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