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KANUTI: Film Premiere at the Arctic Interagency Visitor Center is a Hit!
Alaska Region, July 2, 2012
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On June 21, warm temperatures and sunny skies prevailed during a special event held to kick off the very first showing of Arctic Visions and Voices, a new film created specifically for the Arctic Interagency Visitor Center located in Coldfoot, Alaska. The 15 minute film, created by Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and in partnership with U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the National Park Service, showcases interior Arctic Alaska, including the BLM Dalton Highway Corridor, nearby Kanuti, Yukon Flats and Arctic National Wildlife Refuges, and Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve. The film will be shown regularly in the visitor center theater as an overview of the area for visitors and for anyone wanting to learn more about Arctic Alaska.


The film, which took more than a year to complete, provides a unique look at life in the Arctic through its extreme seasons, and features a variety of people who are connected to the area, including local residents who work and live in the area, people who travel the Dalton Highway frequently, and visitors who are drawn to the beauty of the Arctic for a once in a lifetime trip or time and again.

The premiere of the film included a community reception featuring locally made food and beverages, as well as speakers from Fairbanks and local residents who are featured in the film. The event drew a crowd of more than 80 people, and nearly all of the visitors to the area who attended commented that the celebration was a highlight of their visit to Coldfoot, and even Alaska! BLM is currently working on an extended, commercial version of the film, which will eventually be available to the public.

For more information about the Arctic Interagency Visitor Center, please contact Kanuti Refuge Interpretive Park Ranger Kristin Reakoff at kristin_reakoff@fws.gov.

Contact Info: Joanna Fox, (907) 456-0330, joanna_fox@fws.gov
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