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Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge Controlled Deer Hunt, Rescue Missions and More! November 2011
Southwest Region, November 30, 2011
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The Wichita Mountains controlled deer hunt was conducted on November 8-10. There were 45 hunters participating in the hunt. The harvest success rate increased from last year’s (49% overall success in 2010) to a 76% overall success rate. The annual hunt is a cooperative effort between the Refuge and the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC). The hunt is used as a tool for managing deer populations in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.

On November 12th, the Wichita Mountains Search and Rescue Team and emergency personnel from throughout the county received an initial call around 11 a.m. of a climber who had fallen near the 40 Foot Hole area of Boulder Creek. The climber had fallen over 30ft. and had sustained numerous life threatening injuries. While rescue crews were en route, another call came in for a hiker who had slipped and "snapped" his ankle between two boulders, on the Dog Run Hollow Trail System. Both victims were significantly injured and required simultaneous and separate rescue missions. The victims were triaged on scene and evacuated to landing zones by rescue personnel, where they were flown by helicopter to hospitals. Later in the day the refuge received a call of two lost hikers in the Charon’s Garden Wilderness Area. The Refuge Search and Rescue Team was unable to locate the lost hikers Saturday night. Sunday morning the exhausted hikers were located and lead out of the Wilderness Area.

The evening of November 23rd, the Wichita Mountains Search and Rescue team was called out to locate 3 people who were reported lost in the Charons Garden Wilderness Area (a teenager, 9 yr old girl and 13 yr old boy). The search and rescue of the victims involved an extensive evening search of the wilderness area. They were finally found about 10:30pm by Ralph B, who lead them out that evening. They were hungry and tired but sustained no injuries.

The Friends of the Wichitas conducted Fire Ecology Interpretative Tours this month and had 50 people participating in the tours.

The Refuge hosted 94,235 total visitors and had 7,492 people visiting the Visitors Center.

Contact Info: Levi Smith, 580-429-2110, quinton_smith@fws.gov
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