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Alternative to Filling a Missouri Natural Area
Midwest Region, October 24, 2011
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Cave site on proposed disposal area
Cave site on proposed disposal area - Photo Credit: Rick Hansen, FWS
Intermittent spring-fed stream in proposed disposal area
Intermittent spring-fed stream in proposed disposal area - Photo Credit: Rick Hansen FWS

Uminin Corporation applied to the Army Corps of Engineers (COE)for a Section 404 permit to fill a u-shaped basin with overburden for their limestone mine expansion. The COE biologist alerted the resource agencies, who review the permit, that the u-shaped basin was considered a state natural area for its many features including a cave, rock bluff, seasonal water fall, mature oak-hickory forest and spring-fed interrmittent stream.

The Missouri Department of Conservation's Natural History Biologist indicated that there were several natural features in the area of the basin. An interagency team (COE, Missouri Department of Conservation, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the Columbia Missouri Field Office (CMFO))visited the site with the permit applicant.

After walking the proposed disposal area and reviewing aerial photos at the applicant's headquarters, the FWS recommended that the applicant choose an alternative site for disposal of the overburden. The CMFO indicated that the site had suitable habitat for the federally listed Indiana bat and that a survey was necessary to determine if the bats might be present.

The CMFO relayed our recommendation to choose an alternative disposal site to the other resource agencies and jointly we provided this recommendation to the COE. After deliberation, the applicant decided that they would choose an alternative site and in fact a Section 404 permit was no longer necessary



Contact Info: Rick Hansen, 573-234-2132, ext 106, rick_hansen@fws.gov
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