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Pacific Southwest Day 2
Midwest Region, March 1, 2011
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Kanisha Allen is an up and comer in the Fish and Wildlife Service - a graduate of Sacramento State, she is pursuing a career in the broadcast journalism arena, and has brought the Pacific Southwest Region into the world of online video. She joined the Service through the Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) and supports the Region's External Affairs office by offering up her broadcast personality, and sharp video editing skills.


On today's blog, I'd like to showcase snapshots of Kanisha's work - a testament to the talents of our employees, and that the future of conservation communication is in good hands.


This week I'll be working alongside Kanisha on key messages and a script to support the development of a video on the California Condor, the state's most iconic species. Brought back from the brink of extinction, quite literally, the California condor is a conservation success story, much like the Whooping crane story back home in the Midwest. Both Whooping Crane and California Condor have been reintroduced into parts of their native range to bolster their population and ensure their species' survival. I look forward to working alongside a fellow journalist to tell the story of one of America's most fascinating birds, and ensure that in a changing environmental climate, recovery of the species is not threatened.

The Pacific Southwest Region is also exploring the world of field-cams as a way to allow folks to get up close and personal with wildlife right at their computer screen through the lens of a non-intrusive video-cam set up within a species' territory.

Jon showed me this almost cartoon-like video captured via field-cam near a Burrowing owl nest. The field cam was set up by a field biologist with the National Audubon Society. The curiosity and personality of these creatures is obvious and endearing. Take a peek:



Contact Info: Ashley Spratt, 805-644-1766 ext. 369, ashley_spratt@fws.gov
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