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How many Annuli Do You See?
Midwest Region, July 19, 2011
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Heather Calkins counts annuli on an Asian Carp spine.
Heather Calkins counts annuli on an Asian Carp spine. - Photo Credit: Adam McDaniel

That question is probably one you would only hear as a fish biologist or if you happen to attend an age and growth workshop. Columbia FWCO’s very own Adam McDaniel and Heather Calkins attended the Iowa Fish Age and Growth Workshop hosted by Dan Isermann from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. The two day event provided an avenue for better understanding how to apply, interpret, and obtain age and growth data in fisheries management. The workshop not only presented beneficial information but also provided plenty of hands-on work removing and preparing calcified structures (scales, otoliths, spines, and cleithra) used to estimate age and growth. Attendees had the opportunity to use new data recording and imaging software developed specifically for this type of analyses. Age and growth data is crucial when managing a fishery in that it provides an estimation of growth, survival and mortality rates which are all important keys to evaluating a fish population. Columbia FWCO utilizes age and growth data to provide recommendations for multiple lakes on refuges and other Federal Lands. This workshop provided valuable information that will help us stay up to date in the world of age and growth analysis of fishes.
Adam McDaniel and Heather Calkins

Contact Info: Adam McDaniel, 573-445-5001 ex 26, adam_mcdaniel@fws.gov
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