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Fishing Derby Fun
Midwest Region, June 3, 2011
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Amidst a hail of red-and-white bobbers, I dodged another hook as it whizzed past my ear – I really wished I had gotten that tetanus booster.  A hundred kids armed with Zebcos will definitely keep you on your toes.  Throw in hundreds of hungry rainbow trout and you’ve got yourself a fun, if not slightly frantic, day. This was the scene at the annual Kids Fishing Derby, hosted by Neosho National Fish Hatchery.   Columbia FWCO (represented by Brandon Baumhoer, Heather Calkins, Adam McDaniel, and Colby Wrasse) was on hand to help with the event.

At the beginning of the day, the children were divided into six groups and rotated through different stations.  These stations included:  safety, knot tying, casting, fly tying, fly casting and stream studies.  After the educational presentations and a hearty lunch, the kids were ready for some fishing.  The kids lined the banks with rods in hand and anxiously awaited Hatchery Manager Dave Hendrix’s signal.  With a blow of the horn the kids’ fun began, and our work started.  For the next couple hours we were constantly on the move, untangling lines, baiting hooks, tying knots and removing hooked fish.  Within two-and-a half hours all the kids had caught their limit of trout.  Dave Hendrix and Assistant Hatchery Manager Roderick May graciously cleaned and bagged all the trout, so the children could take their catch home to eat.

The Kids Fishing Derby is a great way to introduce children to sportfishing.  The day was enjoyed by all involved.  We thank Dave Hendrix and the entire staff at Neosho NFH for their hospitality and allowing us to help with this great event.


Contact Info: Colby Wrasse, 573-234-2132 x30, colby_wrasse@fws.gov
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