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Boy Scouts Earn Fishery Badges
Midwest Region, June 11, 2011
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On June 11th, Columbia FWCO had the opportunity to show the Troop 4 boy scouts some Missouri River fishes while they were camping along the river.  After the scouts completed a forty mile bike ride in the early morning, they were eager to learn about the Missouri River and its inhabitants. 

Adam McDaniel and Brandon Baumhoer with the Columbia FWCO collected fish by electrofishing and setting a stationary trammel net.  Project Leader Tracy Hill opened the event by discussing the service’s mission and various projects our office is involved with.  The scouts broke into two groups: one started at the fish station and the other viewed different types of gear biologists use to collect fish. 

Brandon showed the scouts a variety of native fishes such as smallmouth and bigmouth buffalo, flathead catfish, longnose gar, shovelnose sturgeon and an invasive silver carp. He also discussed fish ecology, anatomy and native versus non-native species.   Adam displayed fisheries gear and discussed applications for sampling river fishes.  The gears on display were the electrofishing boat, standard trawls, mini-fyke nets, gill nets, trammel nets, and hoop nets.  Overall, the event was a great success and provided the scouts with an opportunity to observe Missouri River fishes, and the gear used to collect fish. 

Adam McDaniel and Brandon Baumhoer

Contact Info: Adam McDaniel, 573-445-5001 ex 26, adam_mcdaniel@fws.gov
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