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Trinity Episcopal School Classes Visit Caddo Lake NWR
Southwest Region, May 17, 2011
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Approximately 25 seventh and eighth grade students, in addition to their instructors and aides, spent more than five hours visiting the Caddo Lake National Wildlife Refuge (Refuge) to learn about the Refuge and wetland ecology. Refuge tour organizer, Leta Kay, worked with the school in advance to provide age appropriate information. On tour day, Kay spoke to the students regarding the Caddo Lake Institute and the importance of the Ramsar designation for the Refuge.

Other refuge participants included Gary Neace, who provided a welcome and history of the Refuge; Josh Bardwell, who spoke with the students on refuge fire management practices and gave students field demonstrations on the use of fire equipment and tools; Refuge Forester John Stephens, who took the students on a field trip to a green tree reservoir; and Jason Roesner, who took the students to the Starr Ranch area of the Refuge where they were able to view waterfowl and bald cypress trees. Roesner also spoke to the children about the importance of federal game management. He was joined by Todd Long, Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD) Game Warden, who spoke on state game management and provided an exhibit of the Operation Game Thief Trailer.

Other partners rounding out the visit included Patrick Ireland, of Texas A&M Agri Life Research and Extension who gave students a tour of Giant Salvania Weevil rearing stations; Ricky Maxey of TPWD, who spoke on Landscape, ecology and forested wetlands and Vanessa Adams of TPWD, who spoke on wetland ecology.

Contact Info: Jason Roesner, 903-679-9144, jason_roesner@fws.gov
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