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Creating A Foundation
Midwest Region, March 1, 2011
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Randi Preece and Patty Herman of Columbia FWCO completed the initial research of fifty non-native (exotic) species as part of the larger Rapid Risk Assessment project.

The goal of the Rapid Risk Assessment is to create a user-friendly and easily accessible exotic and/or invasive species reference tool for land managers and stewards throughout the United States.

Research documents include information such as biology and life history strategies, potential impacts, documented introductions, and areas of the country at risk for invasion.

This year, Columbia FWCO as well as Fisheries Offices in both Region 3 and Region 5 evaluated over 300 exotic plant and animal species for inclusion in the reference database.

Ultimately, the intention is to have baseline information for nearly 30,000 exotic species available for government and public use.

Contact Info: Patricia Herman, 618-997-6869 x108, Patricia_Herman@fws.gov
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