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Partnership with Library Continues
Midwest Region, January 13, 2011
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The Columbia Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office began a partnership with the Daniel Boone Regional Library (DBRL) in Columbia, MO during the summer of 2010.

That first event with live fish was such a great success that Library Youth Services Manager, Sarah Howard, asked if we would be interested in becoming regular presenters.

DBRL created a forum for a series of talks geared towards children and young adults about the work we do and careers in the natural resources field. Our first opportunity to return occurred on January 13th. Fish biologist Andy Plauck took some preserved fish and fiberglass fish mounts to the library to deliver a presentation entitled “Beyond Catfish: A Peek Below Muddy Water at the Diversity of Missouri River Fish.”

Plauck showed dozens of pictures of Missouri River fish as well as a brief history lesson of Missouri River alterations. The presentation also highlighted the pallid sturgeon recovery work taking place on the Missouri River. The pictures of large catfish, lake sturgeon, longnose gar and paddlefish impressed the audience.

A few of the attendees had no clue that there were such large fish in the Missouri River. In the past, live fish have accompanied this presentation. Unfortunately, flowing ice on the Missouri River makes catching river fish a little tricky.

We have already scheduled more presentation dates with the library to continue this partnership. Because DBRL averages 2,000 visitors a day and provides excellent educational programs to the residents of Boone County, this is a great opportunity to reach out to a broader audience.

Contact Info: Andrew Plauck, 573-234-2132 ext 175, Andrew_Plauck@fws.gov
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