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Alaska Region, November 19, 2010
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Koman employee points out the building’s features to Refuge Manager Bill Schaff.
Koman employee points out the building’s features to Refuge Manager Bill Schaff. - Photo Credit: n/a
Refuge staff check out new equipment.
Refuge staff check out new equipment. - Photo Credit: n/a

On November 19, 2010, Refuge Manager Bill Schaff and other staff members were taken on a much anticipated walk around the new shop facilities.  The project was approved in 2008, but contractor Koman, Inc. Construction began this work spring, once the weather was warm enough to work the ground.


The new shop building will be the maintenance nerve center.  Four large, high-ceilinged rooms and large garage doors allow the Refuge’s heavy equipment to be brought inside.  Auto repair, welding, woodworking, and storage of field equipment are the primary uses for the structure.  There is a new auto lift and 240 amp hookups for heavy electrical equipment.  Foreman contractor Mitch Johnson, along with the superintendent for Koman, Inc., went over the equipment with Alaska Peninsula/Becharof National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) staff. 


The new shop has in-floor heating, so heat is kept low where it is needed.  Another project in the works involves the installation of wind turbines.  Once this project is completed next summer, the new shop’s heat will come directly from the wind.


The old, much-smaller shop will be converted for biological and law enforcement projects.  There will be a wet room for a dive locker, a compressor for refilling tanks, a shower and eye wash station, and space for processing field collections.  Law enforcement will armor weapons there, as well as store Search and Rescue equipment.


Two other old buildings will be removed from the compound to account for the new square footage.  All staff agrees the new facility was much needed.  Issues with space have been taken care of with four of the largest workrooms on the complex. 

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