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Drying Out From the 2010 Pallid Sampling Season
Midwest Region, November 12, 2010
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Mother Nature made 2010 a tough year to sample the Missouri River.  Due to heavy spring and summer rains and upstream reservoir releases, Missouri River levels were near or above flood stage for much of the year. 

The resulting high water was not conducive to standardized fish sampling, and at times the river conditions were downright dangerous.  We were forced to work on the river’s terms this year – waiting for those brief periods when the flood waters would recede and then working feverously until the next deluge of water came. 

Although sampling in these conditions was difficult, data collected during 2010 may provide us with valuable insights into the effects of high water on the Missouri River fish community.  Trotlines once again proved their merits as a pallid sturgeon sampling gear, allowing us to effectively sample during high water conditions that rendered other gears ineffective or dangerous - or both. 


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