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Pallid Sturgeon Recovery Team Meeting
Midwest Region, October 5, 2010
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Project Leader Tracy Hill traveled to Alton, Illinois to attend the annual Pallid Sturgeon Recovery Team Meeting.  The initial day of the meeting kicked off with updates from each of the basin workgroup chairs.  Basin workgroup updates were followed with a genetics panel discussion.  The discussion focused on among lab standardization currently being wrapped up and the future lower basin pallid sturgeon index project.  The team was especially excited about the Similarity of Appearance protection that was given to shovelnose sturgeon and the potential implications this listing would have for pallid sturgeon recovery. 

The SOA which became law on 1 October will treat shovelnose sturgeon as a threatened species due to its similarity of appearance with pallid sturgeon.  This protection will eliminate caviar fishing for shovelnose sturgeon where its populations overlap with pallid sturgeon.

  Recover team members had the opportunity to accompany Missouri Department of Conservation crews sampling in the middle Mississippi River on day two of the meeting.  Set lining and bow trawling gears produced shovelnose sturgeon and other fish species from around the Chain of Rocks area. 

During the last day of the meeting, the team also discussed anticipated revisions to both the pallid sturgeon recovery plan and stocking plan. Several recommendations were made that will be carried back to individual basin workgroups via the workgroup chairs.  The team members bid farewell to Jan Dean who is stepping down from the recovery team.  Recovery team leader George Jordan presented Dr. Dean with a commemorative plague recognizing his contribution to the team.

Contact Info: Tracy Hill, 573-234-2132 x102, tracy_hill@fws.gov
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