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Nature Club for Kids at Caddo Lake NWR
Southwest Region, July 27, 2010
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To provide community outreach (in particular to underserved students), and to satisfy portions of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Healthy Habitats at Caddo Lake grant, a Nature Club for children was formed at the Refuge this summer to teach children about wildlife and wildlife conservation. The club, originally designed for children ages 3 to 7 quickly became a club for middle school students as well. Students came to the refuge every Tuesday morning for a half-day filled with activities based on TPWD “Growing Up Wild” program and were held at the environmental education center and outdoor classroom. Classes consisted of “Wild vs. Not Wild”, “Who Lives in Trees”, “Ants on Parade," “The Food Chain”, to name but a few. Student participation increased each week. After the last session, students received certificates of completion, refuge badges, a group photo, and a journal of activities. Refuge staff members Mark William, Jason Roesner, Paul Bruckwiki,Gary Neace and Leta Kay (Caddo Lake Institute) along with members of the Cypress Basin Master Naturalists, Karnack ISD, TPWD and Gary Endsley of the Friends of Caddo NWR joined forces to make this first time effort successful.

Contact Info: Jason Roesner, 903-679-9144, jason_roesner@fws.gov
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