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Columbia FWCO Assists Neosho NFH with Pallid Sturgeon Tagging
Midwest Region, August 12, 2010
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During the first week of August, Columbia FWCO assisted Neosho NFH with tagging of pallid sturgeon.  Our office was represented by technicians Colby Wrasse and Adam McDaniel, and STEP students Brandon Baumhoer, John Carroll, Scott Childers, Clint Feger, Randi Preece, and Brandon Spratt.  Also on hand to help were Missouri Department of Conservation, Nebraska Game and Parks, and USGS Columbia Environmental Research Center.  With the large cooperative effort we were able to tag approximately 5,500 pallid sturgeon over a two day period.  The tagging procedure consisted of scute removal, PIT tag injection, and the length and weight of each fish were recorded.

Stocking remains an integral tool in restoring pallid sturgeon populations.  Tagging  hatchery reared fish will help provide important future information such as: dispersal patterns of stocked fish, growth rates, and survival estimates.  Data collected at the hatchery and later in the field will assist scientists and managers when making future decisions regarding stocking of this federally endangered species.          

We were glad we could assist Neosho NFH with their tagging efforts, and it was also a great learning experience for us.  For some STEP students, this was their first time handling the endangered pallid sturgeon, implanting PIT tags, scute marking and also their first time working in a fish hatchery. Hatchery Manager Dave Hendrix and his staff did a great job of welcoming us to Neosho.  We were treated to lunch and a tour of the hatchery facilities, including the new Visitor’s Center which will be opening soon.


Contact Info: Colby Wrasse, 573-234-2132 x30, colby_wrasse@fws.gov
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