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Meeting of the (Habitat) Minds
Midwest Region, May 27, 2010
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Joanne Grady, Branch Chief for Fish Conservation, met with Mike Smith and Kenda Flores of the Missouri Department of Conservation in their headquarters building in Jefferson City, Missouri. Mike is leading a new branch in Missouri's fisheries division which will deal specifically with aquatic habitat.

Mike held previous positions in MDC's fish and policy divisions, so he's well schooled in the conditions and threats to Missouri's aquatic habitats. Kenda is the new Aquatic Habitat Specialist for the western portion of Missouri. While she may be new to this position, she isn't new to MDC or to partnering with Columbia FWCO.

She was previously leading MDC efforts in the Bourbeuse watershed improving stream habitat in cattle producing watersheds under NFHAP grants awarded by the Service. The trio met to discuss previous and ongoing National Fish Passage Program and National Fish Habitat Action Plan projects in Missouri.

We also discussed future plans for aquatic habitat within the state and participation in the various NFHAP partnerships which cover portions of Missouri. Overall, we left the meeting excited about where we can go working together to conserve and restore Missouri's aquatic habitats.

Contact Info: Joanne Grady, 573-234-2132 x101, joanne_grady@fws.gov
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