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Animal Processing Made Easy
Midwest Region, June 10, 2010
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During this spring’s WOW event, Wyatt Doyle assisted by Adam McDaniel and Cliff Wilson of Columbia’s FWCO taught their class how to dress deer using a western method of de-boning the animal without the mess of gutting it.

This was the 4th time I had given the class and it was the biggest turnout to date with over 12 interested hunters. Goats, not deer were used for the demonstration and despite the subtle differences in anatomy made good specimens for the activity.

Each hunter was given an opportunity to work on a side of the animal, skinning, deboning and carving up the steaks afterward. Every year the class is made up of a different demographic and this class was no different. We had those that were going to start deer hunting, those that had taken my class before and wanted more experience and those that were proficient at gutting an animal, but wanted to learn a better method and begin processing their own harvest.

I myself developed the method (though there are many ways to skin a cat) based on trial and error in the field and a firm determination that I was tired of dragging animals up hills and through creeks. This experience was passed on and accepted whole-heartedly from other hunters tired of examining the entrails of a deer.

Though the preparation of getting, hauling and dispatching the goats for the class is not something I look forward to each year, the continued gratitude from my classes shows what we do at WOW is working. By teaching and training outdoor skills we give people the confidence they need to go out and do it by themselves. Some repeat students have even developed a taste for goat.

Contact Info: Wyatt Doyle, (573)876-1911 ex 111, wyatt_doyle@fws.gov
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