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ALASKA PENINSULA: Collaborative Study of the Northern Alaska Peninsula Caribou Herd Continues this Spring
Alaska Region, May 25, 2010
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Caribou counts on Alaska Peninsula NWR.
Caribou counts on Alaska Peninsula NWR. - Photo Credit: n/a

In Early April, Refuge and Alaska Department of Fish & Game conducted a cooperative aerial survey of overwinter calf survival in the Northern Alaska Peninsula Caribou Herd. Although the sample size (1,500 caribou) was below ideal levels because of poor snow-cover conditions, researchers estimated calf to cow ratios of 20:100.


In addition, four adult female caribou were captured and fitted with radio-collars. New collars replaced four collared caribou mortalities from 2009–2010.  The addition of the collars increases the number of radio-collared caribou available to track during future surveys of the same caribou herd.


Contact Info: Michael Brady, 907-246-1201, michael_brady@fws.gov
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