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ALASKA PENINSULA: Refuge Capture and Fit Wolves with Tracking Collars
Alaska Region, May 25, 2010
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Wildlife Biologist Dom Watts radio collars a wolf.
Wildlife Biologist Dom Watts radio collars a wolf. - Photo Credit: n/a

In conjunction with an aerial caribou survey in early April, a total of 10 wolves were captured and fitted or refitted with tracking collars.  Five adult wolves were captured on the Alaska Peninsula Refuge and fitted with GPS radio-collars. Three adult wolves were recaptured to replace radio-collars scheduled to expire during summer 2010. In addition, two young wolves (one pup and one yearling) were captured and fitted with collars in other known packs to maintain contact with their respective packs and to document any subsequent dispersal of young individuals during 2010.

Contact Info: Michael Brady, 907-246-1201, michael_brady@fws.gov
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