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Attwater Prairie Chicken NWR - April 2010
Southwest Region, April 29, 2010
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The official estimated wild Attwater's prairie chicken (APC) numbers for 2010 is 90 birds (62 at the Attwater Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Refuge (NWR), six at the Texas City Prairie Preserve (TCPP), and 22 on private lands in Goliad County, Texas).  This is the same estimate as last year despite increases at APC NWR and TCPP this year.

By the end of April, 21 APC nests at APC NWR were located and each secured with a predator deterrent fence.  The potential for an additional six or seven hens nesting this year could materialize by mid-May.  Plans are to continue to intensely manage most of the broods this spring to determine why newly hatched chicks struggle with surviving past the first week of life.  By the end of the month, two nests hatched on the refuge.  The hen of one of these nests is a chick that was hatched on the refuge last year.

Production at all APC captive breeding facilities is in full swing with the first chicks hatching during the third week in April. 

The 16th annual Attwater's Prairie Chicken Festival (held April 10-11) experienced a 20% increase in attendance compared to last year's festival.  Although the current economic downturn  has improved somewhat compared to last year, the refuge experienced very few international visitors at this year's festival.  There were, however, visitors from Utah, Ohio, Louisiana, Virginia, Washington, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.


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