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Big Muddy NFWR Teams Up with Missouri River Communities Network to Plant 600 Trees
Midwest Region, March 22, 2010
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On Monday, March 22nd, a crew from the Big Muddy NFWR worked with a crew from the Missouri River Communities Network (MRCN) to plant 600 trees on the Cranberry Bend Unit of the Big Muddy National Fish and Wildlife Refuge. 

The trees were donated by MRCN through a request from the Missouri Stream Team Program.  MRCN is one of over 1000 stream teams throughout the state. 

The Missouri Department of Conservation will donate trees to any stream team willing to plant the trees in the designated stream the team is protecting.  MRCN has taken on the Missouri River as their stream to protect in the program.  


Since the Big Muddy National Fish and Wildlife Refuge lands are along the Missouri River MRCN approached us for this planting opportunity.  The original planting date was scheduled for Saturday March 13th.  Rain and a flooding Missouri River required us to move the date to March 22nd.  


The trees planted consisted of native oaks, hickories, and other species that thrive in the floodplain.  Not all the species were trees, several deciduous understory plants were included. 

The planting site selected made for easy planting as it had been a crop field the previous growing season. Now that the farming lease on this portion of the refuge has ended the refuge is attempting to convert the land back to native species.  The trees donated by MRCN will give this area a head start in re-establishing some native habitat for wildlife. 


Contact Info: Tim Haller, 573-441-2799, tim_haller@fws.gov
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