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KANUTI: Arctic Explorers Connect with Northern Refuges
Alaska Region, April 9, 2010
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On March 26, Interpretive Park Ranger Kristin Reakoff presented a program about the Arctic, Kanuti and Yukon Flats Refuges to an organized group of 28 travelers who were spending a week in arctic Alaska. Exploritas (formerly Elderhostel, Inc.) promotes lifelong learning and educational travel, seeking to empower adults (mostly ages 50 and over) to explore the world's places, peoples, cultures and ideas, and in doing so to discover more about themselves. This ambitious group of explorers traveled north by tour van, and after spending a week exploring the area, were enthusiastic to learn more about what makes the northern national wildlife refuges so special.  Interestingly, for 15% of the group, this visit marked their second Exploritas trip to arctic Alaska.

All though these  travelers didn’t actually set foot onto refuge lands, after having glimpsed three of Alaska’s most northern refuges from a close distance, it was clear that for many, the experience was enough to create a very special connection with Alaska refuges and the national wildlife refuge system.  Reakoff reminded the group that there is a national wildlife refuge or wetland area within an hour’s drive of every major U.S. city, and considering the group’s dedication to lifelong learning, anticipates the Exploritas travelers will continue exploring all the refuge system has to offer.

Contact Info: Joanna Fox, (907) 456-0330, joanna_fox@fws.gov
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