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VENTURA FWO: Ventura Freshmen StudentsPresent EcoProjects at Foothill Technology High School
California-Nevada Offices , December 14, 2009
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by Kate Eschelbach, Ventura FWO
On December 14, 2009, the Ventura Fish and Wildlife Office (FWO) joined other members of the local Ventura, California, conservation community in supporting a local environmental education effort by participating in the Second Annual Freshman EcoProjects at Foothill Technology High School (Foothill HS). 

Each year, freshman at Foothill HS are charged with completing an EcoProject by investigating environmental issues surrounding a threatened biome.  The students prepare abstracts, create a digital collage of images that visually explains their issue, and present a speech to conservation professionals and community members that contains the project's findings and what they can to help with the issue.  

Ventura FWO Outreach Specialist Kate Eschelbach participated in the event by judging the projects and providing feedback to the students on their impressive presentations. Students were judged on their project's content, delivery, collage quality and attire.  These students were nothing but professional! A broad range of topics were presented, from the destruction of grassland habitats to the pollution of the near shore coastal environment in California to the shrinking of arctic ice.  Many spoke passionately about protecting the listed species in these areas, and whether they were protected under international and/or domestic laws.  All of their ideas for taking local actions for protecting the environment were inspiring!  It was a pleasure to witness their hard work and to be able to encourage their future interests in conservation-oriented careers.

Contact Info: Kate Eschelbach, 8056441766 x259, kate_eschelbach@fws.gov
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