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Houston Toad Eggs Collectedfor Headstarting at Bastrop State Park
Southwest Region, February 22, 2010
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On February 22, 2010, eight discrete Houston toad (Bufo houstonensis) egg strands were identified at Bastrop State Park, collected, and successfully transferred to the Houston Zoo for headstarting.  Headstarting refers to the concept of collecting individuals of a particular life stage, usually a young and more vulnerable life stage, in the wild and captively hatching and/or rearing those individuals to release them back into their native habitat after they reach a certain age or size.  Through a partnership with Texas State University and the Houston Zoo, the Service authorized the initiation of a headstarting program for Houston toads in Bastrop County in 2007. The Service believes that headstarting will provide a means for Houston toad eggs, tadpoles, and juveniles to overcome high immediate mortality, increase population size, and decrease the risk of imminent extinction for the remaining Houston toad populations.  Over 100,000 eggs of this endangered and rare amphibian now reside at the Houston Zoo and will be released back to their natal pond at Bastrop State Park during the spring or summer of 2010.

Contact Info: Bill Seawell, 512 490-0057, bill_seawell@fws.gov
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