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SOA Public Hearing
Midwest Region, February 4, 2010
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Project Leader Tracy Hill and Branch Chief for Missouri River Studies Wyatt Doyle traveled to Cape Girardeau on 28 January to participate in an information Meeting and Public Hearing regarding the proposal to list shovelnose sturgeon as threatened due to Similarity of Appearance with pallid sturgeon. 

Commercial fishing for shovelnose sturgeon (primarily for their roe for the caviar industry) in the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers has been shown to impact recovery efforts for the endangered pallid sturgeon. 

Because the two species are difficult to differentiate, the Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing this fishery closure where the two species range overlap.  Approximately 20 commercial fishers from Tennessee, Illinois, Kentucky and Missouri attended the information meeting and Public Hearing. 

The Public Hearing was required because it was requested during the public comment period.  The public comment period on this proposed rule closed 4 February and the Fish and Wildlife Service has 24 months from September 2009 to develop a final rule if necessary.

Contact Info: Tracy Hill, 573-234-2132 x102, tracy_hill@fws.gov
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