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Pronghorn Population Success at Cabeza Prieta NWR
Southwest Region, December 7, 2009
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Maintenance Mechanic Terry Henley and Maintenance Worker Donnie Ebann have been busy helping Wildlife Biologist Jim Atkinson in preparing the capture pens for the capture of Sonoran pronghorn at the Captive Rearing Pen scheduled for early next month.  The two capture pens are designed to shut via a remote triggering mechanism and pronghorn are then to be restrained for blood work and then either released out into the wild or back into the pen.  Staff are hoping to release over twenty pronghorn in December.  This is quite amazing given the U.S. population of pronghorn was estimated to be 19 animals in 2002.  This program continues to be a success and Atkinson is handling the program exceedingly well.

Contact Info: Rosie Cassou, 520-387-6483-4984, rosie_cassou@fws.gov
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