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Columbia FWCO Continues to Reconnect People with Nature through Wonders of Wildlife Events
Midwest Region, October 9, 2009
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Instructor Cliff Wilson of Columbia FWCO proudly poses with his 2008 Boone and Crockett harvest
Instructor Cliff Wilson of Columbia FWCO proudly poses with his 2008 Boone and Crockett harvest - Photo Credit: n/a

During the second weekend of October, Columbia FWCO teamed up with multiple state and federal agencies to provide outdoor instruction at another Wonders of Wildlife (WOW) event. This event at Roaring River State Park in south Missouri was the fifth and last WOW event to take place in the state this year.


This year more than 200 participants both young and “not as young” were offered courses in a variety of outdoor activities. Some of the activities included: birding, campfire cooking, archery and fishing. Cliff Wilson with Columbia FWCO instructed a course in whitetail deer hunting.


“Whitetail Deer Hunting” was a wonderful class this year. There were six participants that stayed engrossed the entire three hours and actually stayed after the class to continue with questions. This class covered what it takes to not only harvest a deer but to take a genuine trophy buck. Participants learned how to scout for public and private hunting property, how to read aerial photographs and topographical maps and how to gain access from land owners. They also learned how to put themselves in a position to harvest a mature buck and recover it. The class even went so far as to cover all of the habits and changes that occur with a whitetail’s body and it’s vocalizations throughout the year. As you can see, a lot of information was covered in the three hour class. Participants were also given hand outs that will hopefully aide them in their hunting adventures this fall.


This class, as well as all of the others offered at this event, was excellent at introducing participants to a new outdoor activity or helping activity veterans to become more proficient. Anyone who as been involved with a WOW event will tell you that though they take a considerable amount of effort, there is no better way to reconnect people with nature than a WOW event.

Contact Info: Cliff Wilson, (573) 234-2132 ext. 173, cliff_wilson@fws.gov
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