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Pallid Sturgeon Recovery Team Meeting
Midwest Region, November 3, 2009
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Project Leader Tracy Hill traveled to Great Falls, Montana to attend the annual Pallid Sturgeon Recovery Team Meeting.  The initial day of the meeting kicked off with updates from each of the basin workgroup chairs followed by an in-depth discussion of a paper concerning the risks and benefits of augmentation stocking which was co-authored by one of the Recovery Team members. 

The paper entitled “Guidelines for Propagation and Translocation for Freshwater Fish Conservation”, allowed the Recovery Team to focus on the purpose for stocking pallid sturgeon and determine if those efforts were consistent with the principals outlined by the authors. 

Many of the issues of current concern for the team were discussed in the context of this paper.  Several recommendations were made and will be carried back to the individual basin workgroups via the workgroup chairs.  The meeting attendees were treated to a rather cool day on the upper Missouri River complements of the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks crews from Great Falls.

Contact Info: Tracy Hill, 573-234-2132 x102, tracy_hill@fws.gov
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