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KENAI: Fall Fun Day Enjoyed by Many
Alaska Region, September 12, 2009
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By Leah Eskelin, Park Ranger, Kenai National Wildlife Refuge


Autumn weather varies widely. Some days we have the brightest blue skies and the aspen and birch leaves seem to dance in the sun’s rays on their way to the ground. Other days, often on either side of the clear days, we have gray clouds and chilly winds whistling through the trees. With this in mind, we cross our fingers and pick a September Saturday for the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge’s Fall Fun Day, knowing that it probably will only be that very morning when we find out if we get to soak up the sun or get soaked by rain. 


Fall Fun Day 2009 on September 12, was (gratefully) one of those perfect, sunny and crisp fall days and the festivities at the Kenai Refuge Headquarters in Soldotna were enjoyed by over 100 visitors.  Kids of all ages decorated bear bells, frosted bear-shaped cookies and learned how to tell black and brown bear prints apart.  Our guided hikes, one led by geologist and author Taz Tally, were filled to capacity.  As our guests came off the Refuge trails with new facts about Alaska in the fall, they were welcomed to the Environmental Education Center and into the fascinating world of bear biology with former Refuge manager and author of Bear Wrangler, Will Troyer. 


The next opportunity to share in the wonders of each season at the Kenai Refuge will be Winter Fun Day…where visitors will get to try out snowshoeing and learn what makes Alaskan winters so special.


Contact Info: Janet Schmidt, 907-260-2808, janet_schmidt@fws.gov
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