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ALASKA PENINSULA/BECHAROF: Refuge Holds Electronic and Appliance Cleanup
Alaska Region, September 23, 2009
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During the spring and summer of 2009 the staff at Alaska Peninsula/Becharof NWR conducted a house cleaning project. Numerous office and quarters household items were palletized and transported to Anchorage for recycling and proper disposal.  Approximately, 2,400 pounds of office computers and associated items were transported to Total Reclaim, an Anchorage based company that recycles electronic items. In addition to the computers numerous old refrigerators and freezers were sent in for Freon recycling as well as washers and drier. All the staff at Alaska Peninsula helped out, but the majority of the work fell to Administrative Technician Donna Macy, Maintenance Worker Marion Burgraff and Deputy Manager Michael Brady.

A deal was worked out with Northern Air Cargo to back haul all the items at a reduced cargo rate. A total of 8618 pounds were transported and did not go into the landfill in King Salmon. Keeping Service waste out of the environment is not only required for some items but it is the right thing to do for all of our waste.

The total cost to transport and recycle these 8,618 pounds was $3815.36 and is one of the costs of doing business in rural Alaska.

Contact Info: Michael Brady, 907-246-1201, michael_brady@fws.gov
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