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Chiricahua Leopard Frogs Headstarted and Released!
Southwest Region, September 11, 2009
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On September 11, 2009, 17 staff members and volunteers with the Phoenix Zoo, Tonto National Forest, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and a participating public lands ranching permittee, convened on the Payson Ranger District of the Tonto National Forest to release 1,387 Chiricahua leopard frogs (944 tadpoles; 443 froglets) back into the wild.  These headstarted frogs were raised at the Phoenix Zoo from two egg masses collected from a regional metapopulation on the adjacent  Pleasant Valley Ranger District, earlier in the spring.  This release was the second of two releases which occurred over the summer on the Little Green Valley Allotment in the Payson Ranger District.  Currently, a total of four distinct sites have received Chiricahua leopard frogs, which is collectively referred to as the Ellison Creek metapopulation.  These Chiricahua leopard frog recovery efforts for the Ellison Creek metapopulation, in addition to on-going reintroductions and associated recovery efforts in the regionally proximal Gentry Creek metapopulation, have great promise in advancing the recovery goals for this species in Recovery Unit 5.

Contact Info: Nick Carrillo, (602) 242-0210x203, nick_carrillo@fws.gov
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