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Rock Island Field Office completes Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act reports addressinguse of switchboats on the Mississippi River
Midwest Region, August 13, 2009
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The Rock Island District Corps of Engineers is proposing the implement the use of switch boats at Mississippi River Lock and Dams 20 - 25 to assist commercial tows using the navigation locks. Use of switch boats has the potential to affect riparian and aquatic resources (e.g. freshwater mussels and fish) near the locks and dams.  The Fish and Wildlife Service's Rock Island Field Office assessed the potential effects of switchboats on these resources.  The field office concluded that the potential effects would be minimal given current information.  However, the Service recommended that this conclusion be revisited once switchboats became operational, since it is difficult to know in advance the precise locations where switchboats will operate.  Some lock and dam locations have sensitive resources nearby that could be affected if predicted switchboat areas of operation change.

Contact Info: Jon Duyvejonck, 309/793-5800, ex 207, jon_duyvejonck@fws.gov
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