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Rock Island Field Office Completes Coordination Act Report in Support of Fish Passage Project at Mississippi RiverL/D 22 near Saverton, Missouri
Midwest Region, August 1, 2009
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The Rock Island Field Office of Ecological Services completed its Draft Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act report for a fish passage project at Mississippi River Lock and Dam 22.  The report supports the Rock Island District Corps of Engineers' proposal to construct a rock ramp fishway through the overflow section of the navigation dam.  The Rock Island Field Office coordinated with Region 3 Fishery staff in the Carterville, Illinois, office and the Illinois and Missouri natural resource agencies in preparing its report.  The proposed project will significantly improve the ability of migratory fish (e.g. paddlefish, sturgeon), sport fish, and other species to acces spawning habitat, foraging habitat, and overwintering areas.

Contact Info: Jon Duyvejonck, 309/793-5800, ex 207, jon_duyvejonck@fws.gov
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