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Columbia Samples Dalbey Bottoms on the Missouri River
Midwest Region, August 3, 2009
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CFWCO technician Chris Scheppers poses with shovelnose-pallid sturgeon hybrid.
CFWCO technician Chris Scheppers poses with shovelnose-pallid sturgeon hybrid. - Photo Credit: n/a

Dalbey Bottoms is located on the Missouri River between northwest Missouri and northeast Kansas near river mile (RM) 417.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers proposed to build a side channel chute as part of the Missouri River Recovery Plan to restore habitat for pallid sturgeon.  Columbia FWCO and the Corps are cooperating to study Missouri River habitat at Dalbey Bottoms before and after construction to assess the ecological impact of the constructed chute on pallid sturgeon and other native Missouri River fishes.  Biologists from CFWCO completed the second round of sampling at Dalbey during the first week of August.  Project engineer Zach White from the Corps jumped aboard to assist and collaborate with Columbia and their sampling efforts at Dalbey.  Stable weather and river conditions provided a pleasant work environment for both stern trawling and push trawling.  Columbia crews managed to catch 1,672 fish, 57 of which were young of the year sturgeon.  One pallid sturgeon and one shovelnose-pallid sturgeon hybrid were also collected while sampling.  Construction of the chute is scheduled for the winter of 2009, but we plan to return in October to sample using trotline gear.  This cooperative effort provides an avenue to apply adaptive management and supports the Service‚Äôs Strategic Habitat Conservation program.



Contact Info: Adam McDaniel, 573-445-5001 ex 26, adam_mcdaniel@fws.gov
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