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San Bernardino NWR's Yellow-billed Cuckoo Survey Shows Positive Trend
Southwest Region, August 1, 2009
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The yellow-billed cuckoo is considered a species of concern for both the federal government and the Arizona State Government.  Its populations are declining due to loss of nesting habitat in its summer breeding range, as well as loss of prey species due to pesticide use in agricultural practices.  Because of these factors and the trend data showing declining populations throughout the yellow-billed cuckoo's habitat, San Bernardino NWR staff began a cuckoo survey three years ago.  The first two seasons the study was conducted it was thought that the refuge was supporting three, possibly four nesting pairs.  This was due to the number of birds encountered on the surveys and where the birds were found.  This year however it appears that there are now four, with possibly five nesting pairs of cuckoos on the refuge.  This increase in nesting pairs can be attributed to the riparian restoration work of the refuge and its partner's, Josiah and Valer Austin, which own Rancho San Bernardino south of the refuge in Mexico.  Without the cooperation and hard work of private landowners, this type of success would not be possible.

Contact Info: Christopher Lohrengel, 520-364-2104 x.106, chris_lohrengel@fws.gov
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