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Columbia Getting a Jump On 2010 W. O. W.
Midwest Region, June 25, 2009
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Cliff Wilson and Wyatt Doyle represented the Columbia NFWCO at the biannual W. O. W. (Wonders Of Wildlife) board meeting. At the meeting board members discussed the success of the five 2009, W. O. W. events held in Missouri at Cassville, St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, and Columbia. Columbia NFWCO and ES offices co-hosted the second Columbia W. O. W. event last month and more than doubled their participants from last year. Coordinating the 2010 Columbia W. O. W. event will be a full-time job in the months leading up to the classes and this group of veteran planners are the support structure needed to coordinate the event.   The meeting quickly gained steam as the group discussed how to implement the WOW school outside of Missouri.  WOW (an NGO sponsored by Bass Pro) has a full-time organizer that helps offices like ours organize events that teach hands-on “how to” classes taught by natural resource employees and local citizens.  The program had its start over 10 years ago in Cassville, Missouri and has slowly grown to the point where it is poised to help natural resource agency offices outside of Missouri develop programs for their own local communities. Without the structure and support of the program in place, our office could never have developed its own unique Missouri River outdoor school.  As we have become involved with the school we became inspired to help it grow and flourish in other areas of the region. The soul purpose of this program is to reconnect people with the outdoors and we now see various ways we can help cultivate and facilitate that effort on the largest scale possible. The WOW classroom has become a pathway by which we as the Service can integrate our vision of reconnecting people with nature while allowing all our talented staff to share their wealth of knowledge with others in our community. 

Contact Info: Cliff Wilson, (573) 234-2132 ext. 173, cliff_wilson@fws.gov
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