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WOW - Archery
Midwest Region, June 2, 2009
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On Saturday May 2, Cliff Wilson of the Columbia NFWCO instructed two archery courses at the Columbia W.O.W. event. There were 28 course participants ranging in age from 12 to 50. All participants were there to be introduced to the sport of archery or to enhance the skills they already possessed.


The courses began with class discussions covering: archery basics, how to get started, safety, ethics, and shot placement. Following discussions, participants were paired with bows and arrows and began shooting at targets set up on a 15 yard range. After each group proved proficient at shooting the large round targets, we started to work our way through the 3-D range. On the 3-D range we had all sorts of animal targets such as turkey, mule deer, and black bear. The targets ranged in distance from 10 to 35 yards away. After the participants started to consistently make well placed shots on the 3-D targets all of the participants shot through each of the targets together as a competition. At the end of each course the top 3 shooters from the groups were recognized.

The real target for many archery hunters in Missouri.  This whitetail was seen at the WOW event investigating a curious noise in the distance.


I proudly saw each participant’s skill improve throughout each 2 hour course. All of the participants expressed how much they enjoyed the course and over half of them left discussing the archery equipment they were going to purchase for backyard fun and for future hunts.


I had a wonderful time setting up and instructing the course and could not have asked for better groups. I would like to express my appreciation to the Bass Pro Shops W.O.W. office and the Missouri Department of Conservation for providing the top notch archery equipment and targets that helped make this course a success.

Contact Info: Cliff Wilson, (573) 234-2132 ext. 173, cliff_wilson@fws.gov
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