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PronghornUpdate - R2-Cabeza Prieta NWR
Southwest Region, July 6, 2009
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The pronghorn pen currently contains 73 pronghorn including two breeder bucks, 19 breeding age does, 22 yearlings and 30 fawns.  The two year old doe that dropped fawns during June as a yearling last year dropped at least one still-born fawn this June.  There are no confirmed reports from the pen monitors of any additional new-born fawns.  No other incidents were reported by the pen monitors during June.  Fawn numbers in 2009 have exceeded those born during 2008 and the pen population has nearly doubled since the last capture and release operation in February, 2009.  Although irrigation has begun within the pen and externally at the forage enhancements, the penned pronghorn are still highly dependent upon supplemental feed provided at six feeding stations within the pen.




Contact Info: Rosie Cassou, 520-387-6483-4984, rosie_cassou@fws.gov
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