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Kid’s Camp Fishing! Try Not To Get Hooked!
Midwest Region, May 2, 2009
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During the May WOW event in Columbia, Missouri, the youngest group of children get a chance to try just about everything the course has to offer. Kid’s Camp is for children ages five to eight and introduces them to many outdoor activities. A group of 15 kids from ages five to eight would be a huge handful for one person. Luckily, Missouri DNR staff, WOW volunteers, a USFWS fish biologist and even a few park rangers were on hand to wrangle the Kid’s Camp fishing group. Biologist Andy Plauck introduced the eager children to the fishing poles they would be using while giving a safety talk about HOOKS! Plauck showed the children how to look behind them before casting while demonstrating the cast. Several of the children jumped forward and wanted to try. The most eager said he had fished with his grandpa and he knew how to cast. Of course the self-professed great caster didn’t listen to the cautions about hooks and the first catch of the day was the side of Plauck’s shirt. Luckily, no skin was damaged. The rest of the afternoon went on without incident. One patient young girl even caught a fish. With a group this size it was very difficult for the six adults to keep all 15 hooks in the water at the same time – in fact, at one time, no hooks were in the water! Hopefully, this early instruction will be an early childhood memory for someone who has grown up enjoying the outdoors.

Contact Info: Andrew Plauck, 573-234-2132 ext 175, Andrew_Plauck@fws.gov
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