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SpringEvents and Accomplishments at Cabeza Prieta NWR
Southwest Region, June 4, 2009
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The captive Sonoran pronghorn pen currently contains 73 pronghorn including two breeder bucks, 19 breeding age does, 22 yearlings and 30 fawns.  The breeding age does have the potential of producing up to 38 fawns.  As experienced during 2008, there may be one or more yearling does expecting fawns this year as well.  Fawn numbers in 2009 have exceeded those born during 2008 and the pen population has nearly doubled since the last capture and release operation in February, 2009.  The pen monitors suspect that at least one more doe is due to drop fawns later this spring.


Inventory and monitoring projects worked on during May included: Visiting and downloading atmospheric data from seven of the ten remote weather stations located throughout the refuge; Replacing motion sensor cameras at two wildlife guzzlers adjacent to forage enhancement plots; Conducting surveys for nighthawks on May 3, 5, and 6; Performing exit counts for lesser long-nosed bats at Copper Mountain (Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument) on May 13, and at Bluebird Mine (Cabeza Prieta NWR) on May 18.  2009 survey reports were written for the LeConte‚Äôs thrasher, cactus ferruginous pygmy owl, and the nighthawk study.


On May 30, the Junior Duck Stamp Awards Event  was held at the Phoenix Zoo.  150 people attended including the students that placed in the event.  The students and their families enjoyed the zoo for the remainder of the day, after the event was finished.


Contact Info: Rosie Cassou, 520-387-6483-4984, rosie_cassou@fws.gov
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