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Bat Workshop at Northern Jaguar Reserve, Sonora, Mexico
Southwest Region, April 10, 2009
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The Arizona Ecological ServicesOffice's Mexico Program, Bat Conservation International, and the Arizona Game and Fish Department collaborated to hold a bat workshop for nine Mexican students and biologists (inluding five students from the University of Sonora and four biologists, two with National Natural Protected Areas in Sonora and two with Naturalia, a Mexican NGO) at Naturalia's Northern Jaguar Reserve in east-central Sonora, Mexico, April 6-10. Tucson Suboffice staff provided outdoor classroom instruction in Spanish on bat monitoring, inventory and capture techniques, identification, and conservation.  Students trapped bats for three nights, learned to set up a harp trap and mist nets in various configurations, gained experience in auditory techniques with Anabat, and were able to see and identify seven species of bats in the hand.  The workshop also contributed to Naturalia's knowledge of the remote Jaguar Reserve through documentation of new species of bats and other vertebrates.     

Contact Info: Nick Carrillo, (602) 242-0210x203, nick_carrillo@fws.gov
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