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MICRA Committee Arrives in Memphis
Midwest Region, February 9, 2009
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The Mississippi Interstate Cooperative Research Association (MICRA) met for their annual sturgeon and paddlefish meeting this month.  Jeff Finley and I, from Columbia NFWCO, traveled to Memphis, Tennessee to participate in open discussions and learn about current issues affecting these fisheries.  State biologists came from as far away as North Dakota and West Virginia to attend this two day meeting and talk about the status of paddlefish and sturgeon.  Over the course of the meeting, presentations were given to the group that dealt with topics ranging from paddlefish and sturgeon biology to law enforcement of commercial regulations in the Midwest.


Columbia NFWCO provided the committee with a review and summary of the stock assessment database accomplishments from 2008.  This included new advancements in data entry, quality control and data analysis tools.  We also discussed future directions and projects to help biologists determine the pressures affecting these populations.  Along with that, the bonds we created with biologists across the country will provide a base for our communications into the future, or at least until next January. We look forward to our continued work with MICRA and next year’s meeting!

Contact Info: Brian Elkington, (573) 445-5001 ext 25, Brian_Elkington@fws.gov
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