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Columbia NFWCO is Back Under One Roof
Midwest Region, December 4, 2008
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Columbia NFWCO is back under one roof again!  The people and projects formerly in our “Fish South” location have re-joined the rest of the office in the “Fish North” building.  In February of 2007, then Columbia FRO, had expanded into two separate buildings to accommodate our growing size.  This move did alleviate our ‘sardines in a can’ dilemma, but we found ourselves split between two buildings.  When new office space became available in the “Fish North” building, we jumped at the chance to bring the office back together in one location.


Columbia NFWCO was given the opportunity to help design an entirely new layout of the office space, building extra rooms and offices to ensure it would be a perfect fit for us.  Once the design and construction were completed, our crew of dedicated employees moved all of the offices to the new space.  Thanks to the help of our employees, the move was carried out smoothly and efficiently, only taking three days to tear down “Fish South”, move the office and set up in the new space.


Included in the move were two elaborate cubicle systems as well as infrastructure for the largest inland fisheries database in the world containing paddlefish information dating back to the mid 1980’s.  The new site did require wiring for the addition of a new computer server and router.  It was a labor intensive move accomplished largely by the persistence and determination of those involved.  The move brought the office back under one roof allowing much easier transfer of data and a more efficient work environment.  Programs that moved into the new space included the Fish Passage Program, Habitat Assessment and Monitoring Project (HAMP), Mississippi Interstate Cooperative Resource Association (MICRA) National Paddlefish Stock Assessment Project, and fisheries management technical assistance for refuges and Defense Department lands.

Contact Info: Brian Elkington, (573) 445-5001 ext 25, Brian_Elkington@fws.gov
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