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Rio Grande Silvery Minnow Reintroduced to the Big Bend Reach of the Rio Grande in Texas
Southwest Region, December 17, 2008
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The Service, along with help from many partners, released approximately 445,000 Rio Grande silvery minnow into the Big Bend Reach of the Rio Grande in Texas on December 16 and 17, 2008.  The final rule regarding the Service’s plan to reestablish the species in the Big Bend area was published on December 8, 2008.  The release was the first of many and is an important step in fulfilling the recovery goals identified in the Rio Grande Silvery Minnow Recovery Plan.  The fish were released at four sites: one in Big Bend Ranch State Park, two within Big Bend National Park, and one on the Adams Ranch del Carmen, owned and operated as a conservation area by CEMEX, downstream of the National Park.  The release was well-attended by the Service’s partners on this project and local media representatives.  Quarterly monitoring of silvery minnow and their relative abundance to other fish species in the river will commence in the spring.  The Technical Team working on the project will continue to meet at least yearly to assess information gathered and adapt management plans for the species and the reestablishment project, as needed.  Research needs and habitat improvement projects have been identified and will commence soon.

Contact Info: Bill Seawell, 512 490-0057, bill_seawell@fws.gov
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