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Missouri River Cooperating for Recovery Meeting
Midwest Region, January 5, 2009
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Project Leader Tracy Hill traveled to Denver, Colorado on 10 December to attend a meeting of the Missouri River Cooperating for Recovery (CORE) meeting.  The CORE group promotes and facilitates implementation of the US Army Corps of Engineer’s Missouri River Recovery Program.  The CORE team uses adaptive management to make policy decisions to implement the Missouri River Biological Opinion and the Bank Stabilization and Navigation Project Fish and Wildlife Mitigation Project so as to sustain the values of the river for the American public.  The primary focus of the meeting was to review various aspects of adaptive management that are being incorporated into several areas of the Missouri River Recovery Program.  The group also had the distinct privilege of meeting with Fish and Wildlife Service Director Hall.  The US Army Corps of Engineers presented Director Hall with a conservation award.

Contact Info: Tracy Hill, 573-234-2132 x102, tracy_hill@fws.gov
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