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San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge Staff Member Gives Talk to Local residents on Salt Cedar Control
Southwest Region, November 1, 2008
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A member of the San Bernardino NWR was one of two guest speakers that gave a presentation to the Community Watershed Alliance in Benson, Arizona.  The presentation focused on the control of salt cedar (Tamarisk) along the San Pedro River in southeastern Arizona by using mechanical means.  The other presentations emphasized the use of herbicides for controlling salt cedar.  Salt cedar is a highly invasive plant that has taken over many riparian areas in the Southwest.  There is a great need for public education on the control of salt cedar, so that it can be removed safely and effectively while not harming endangered species or other plants and wildlife.  Salt cedar will move into disturbed areas and release salt to prevent native plants from growing or establishing.  This in turn will produce a monoculture of salt cedar limiting the diversity of the habitat for wildlife. 

Contact Info: Christopher Lohrengel, 520-364-2104 x.106, chris_lohrengel@fws.gov
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