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Monthy Staff Notes
Southwest Region, October 31, 2008
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Long-term monitoring transects were completed for this fall and weekly waterbird point counts continue. Jan Richmond, a returning Canadian volunteer, has once again joined us to help with these surveys. The waterfowl, especially coots, are at record breaking numbers on the refuge with over 10,000 American Coots present. Since the early 1980s we seldom have had over 500 coots present on the delta, and the previous record was 1,500. This is in response to extraordinary Potamogeton growth in Lake Havasu this year. There is speculation that the exotic quagga mussels found in the lake are creating exceptional water clarity which has encouraged the submergent plant growth.

Contact Info: Stan Culling, 928-667-4144 ext. 27, stan_culling@fws.gov
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